Hello and Welcome!

Feel free to call me Ecto or Nate. I'm a freelance artist who primarily works with anthro characters, but loves to draw all sorts of things.I'm also a writer who loves DnD !Take a look around! Please DM me on Twitter or FA to inquire about Commission Openings!


Icons/ Headshots - $30 (alts +$10)
Chibi - $24
Colored sketch (full body) - $40
Bust: $35 (unshaded) , $45 (shaded)
Half body: $40 (unshaded) , $50 (shaded)
Full body: $60 (unshaded) , $80 (shaded)
Additional characters are +50% of totalWill Draw
- Anthros/ furries, humans, monsters, fan ocs/ fan art, light gore and blood, armor
Will Not Draw
- sexually explicit art (full on porn), minors in kink art, hateful art
*Complex designs will incur an upcharge of at least $10

Before you commission me:
- Please have a reference sheet or something that clearly shows colors
-- Flat color, digital references work the best! Other digital references will work as well. Photography and in-game screen shots are usable, but you may not be allowed to request an edit to the coloring if it's a bit off
- Text descriptions are fine in most cases (feel free to ask, if unsure)
- If you are commissioning me for a gift for another person, you MUST be sure they are ok with it and (explicitly or implicitly via being friends) have the other person's permission to get their character drawn
- Must be 17 years or older to commission me
-- Must be 18+ to commission kink art, if you are found out to be circumventing this rule, you will be barred from commissioning me further
- I may decline to take on a commission for any reason; furthermore, I am not obligated to inform you of said reason
- Slots go fast! If you do not respond within 24 hours of initial contact regarding a potential commission, you may lose out on being able to get said commission
Communication and Progress:
- Please wait at least two weeks before asking about the progress of your commission (you may still ask for a general turnaround time!)
- Please do not spam or rush me
- Generally, i work on a commission in a first pay, first serve, manner.
- Please be nice. I will treat you as you treat me.
- I can and will cancel a commission (and refund appropriately if money has been accepted) if you are rude, hostile, overly nitpicky, or in general too difficult to work with
- Furthermore, even if I opt to complete the work, I can and will disallow you from commissioning me again in the future if you were rude/hostile, overly nitpicky, or too difficult to work with (this may include a block, too!) .- Please inform me of any deadlines ahead of time
Works-in-Progress / WIPs:
- Feel free to ask for WIPs! I do frequently show WIPs of the sketch stage on my own. Any other stages of progress (outside of pricier pieces) must be specifically requested
- During the sketch stage, you are free to ask for any changes with no extra charge! As long as it's not having me make it into a completely different character, new idea, or adding another character to the picture. In which case, i will charge you appropriately.
- If i send you a WIP and you do not respond within two days, saying you like it or would like changes, i will assume you like it as is and will continue on with the picture
- Please inform me of a change you'd like during the WIP phase
- Changes can be made after the product is completed, but you're only allowed up to 3 at that point, though some may incur an upcharge
- MUST inform me of a change you would like made within three days of the product being finished. Otherwise, i will not change it.
- Furthermore, you are not entitled to edits to anything that was not clearly outlined before progress has begun, and I may decline to make the edit
- Payment is accepted upfront
- I only accept payment through invoices via Paypal
-- This will require your Paypal address, which is the email address attached to your Paypal account
- I DO NOT accept payment through Moneypak or Money order
- My prices are in USD
Terms of use:- Feel free to post the commission in your own gallery with credit towards me
- Only the client (or those with the client's permission) may use and re-post their commission
- The commissioner may use the commissioned art on other websites, but still, please credit me
- You may NOT monetize the art I’ve done in anyway (unless previously discussed)
- Please ask before editing the art you've commissioned
- My art IS NOT to be used for NFTs. If you see my art being used for NFTs, it is without my permission.

I'm also the head writer of a Digimon themed webcomic!! It's pretty fun and cool and based off of a similarly themed DnD campaign I run! Please check it out!Data and Downloads


Other places you can find me! Plus my Trello for queue and Ko-fi for tips!Be forewarned, my FA contains PG13+ works